Esk 14

Following on from building my ESK 12, I then built a Selway Fisher ESK 14 kayak which is an enlarged version of the former being 14 feet instead of 12 feet long. It uses exactly the same construction methods.

I needed a boat for slightly longer tours that had a greater carrying capacity so I modified the original plan by adding 25mm to the side panel height this had the added advantage of giving me more leg room under the forward deck which increased my comfort when paddling over a long day. The added 25mm was reduced down so that at the bow and stern the original heights remaining the same.

To make the spray deck a good fit on the boat, I also designed and fitted an oval shaped cockpit with a coaming that would take a commercially made neoprene spray deck.

Because the building process is exactly the same as the ESK 12, I have not included details in this section. Refer to First Stages and onwards pages of the ESK 12 section.

esk 14 kayak

Above is the finished kayak, note the modified cockpit and slightly increased depth to deck height.


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