hull details

A view from the bow. I again used exterior grade plywood for construction. The deck was varnished first and then edged around with the yellow hull colour. The deck curve up to the bow is now lower because of the the 25mm increase in the side panel height at the centre. The height was reduced proportionally along the length ending up with zero at the bow and stern/


Here is a view from the stern that shows the positioning oval cokpit shape. A standard kayak hatch with a rubber lid has been fitted into the rear compartment. the small black clip adjacent is used to attach a rear light for night kayaking on the river.

A closer view of the side panel showing the 25mm increased height at the middle position.
Note also the side view of the cockpit ring and lip for the spray deck.
I have fixed an elastic cord rack to the deck so that maps or drinks can be secured to the top deck.

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